New City exists because of the financial support of people just like you. We would love to partner with you as we work to help people meet Jesus and grow in a relationship with him. And when you give, you can be assured of these three things:

Up to date

We will keep you up to date on where we are at financially as a church.

Lives Changed

We will share real life stories of lives being impacted that is made possible by your generosity.



We will always be completely transparent about the use of our funds



To give by check, write your check to New City Church and send it to:

New City Church
8015 Creedmoor Road Suite 101
Raleigh NC 27613

Join the $5 Give Club

Most of us want to do good, but we don’t know where to start. Or we may think we don’t have much to offer, so we can’t make much of a difference. With the $5 give club, we can make a big impact together. Here’s how it works:

Once a month, you donate $5 (or $10 if you and your spouse both want to participate). At the end of the month, New City puts all of the $5 give club donations together, which then go to helping a local family, ministry, or charity in our community in the form of a check or needed items. We then share the impact your generosity made with you via a video. Want to join the $5 give club? Here’s how:

On Sundays: We have $5 give club envelopes at our connect table in the lobby. Simply put your cash or check in the envelope, and drop it in one of our giving boxes.

Online: All $5 or $10 donations given online are automatically added to the $5 give club. If you already give online to New City, do not add on to what you are already giving, otherwise we won’t know it’s for the $5 give club! Instead, simply do a second donation of either $5 or $10.