6 weeks to pre-K

Little City Preschool is our preschool environment for children from 6 weeks old through Pre K. Being responsible for your precious children is something we take very seriously so you can count on us to provide exceptional care for your children. We work to teach children all about Jesus, His deep love for them, and how to live for Him. We do this through a variety of engaging methods, including video teaches, worship, games, object lessons, and play.


Each Sunday, staff and volunteers work hard to create a safe and practical learning experience for your children. Here are a few things you need to know to help us make their time in the Little City great!

  • Doors open 15 minutes before the adult service begins.
  • Security is extremely important to us. We require all children to check-in before entering Little City. Each child is giving a security code and a matching code is given to the parental guardian. When picking up their child, the parental guardian must present this matching tag. If a parent or child loses their tag during service, the parent must report to the front desk and submit needed identification before we will print a new tag.This policy is strictly enforced.
  • Screening for all Little City volunteers includes a criminal background check, training, and interviews by New City staff.
  • It is important to inform us of any allergies or health concerns your children have. Inform us of this when checking in your child(ren) for the first time.
  • For the protection of all our children, please do not bring your child to Little City if they exhibit any of the following: fever in the last 24 hours, vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours, common cold (onset through 1 week), any unexplained rash, cloudy or green runny nose, pink eye or any other communicable infection, persistent cough, or any communicable disease. Thanks for making our wellness efforts possible. 
  • To save you some time, you can go ahead and pre register your child(ren) now to speed up the first time check in process!



We know that leaving your new baby for the first time can be overwhelming. The volunteers in our infant classrooms have been chosen for this age group because of their love for babies and experience caring for them. While you are attending our adult service, your child will be receiving incredible care! To ensure that your babies receive the best care, we adhere to a one volunteer to every two children ratio in our infant and crawler classrooms.

2’S – PRE K

Our teaching plan begins with older toddlers. The curriculum we use focuses on fun and repetition with lessons that all point to Jesus. The best part of The Bible App Curriculum is there are lots of ways you can bring the lessons to life in your own home through it’s easy to use app. For more information about activities you can do at home to reinforce what they’ve learned at church, click here

Your child will participate in age-appropriate and creative activities and play. Each week your child will participate in an object lesson, watch a video teach, dance and sing in worship, and learn a Bible Story. To ensure that your babies receive the best care, we adhere to a one volunteer to every four children ratio in our toddler and pre K rooms.